Current release: libxml2dom 0.5 (requiring the low-level libxml2 Python bindings, typically provided by the python-libxml2 or libxml2-python packages for various GNU/Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, SuSE)


The libxml2dom package provides a traditional DOM wrapper around the Python bindings for libxml2. In contrast to the standard libxml2 bindings, libxml2dom provides an API reminiscent of minidom, pxdom and other Python-based and Python-related XML toolkits. Performance is fairly respectable since libxml2dom makes direct use of libxml2mod - the low-level wrapping of libxml2 for Python. Moreover, serialisation of documents is much faster than many other toolkits because libxml2dom can make direct use of libxml2 rather than employing Python-level mechanisms to visit and serialise nodes.

Copyright and Licence

libxml2dom is licensed under the LGPL version 3 (or later).