Current archive: Landfall-2018-05-30.tar.bz2


Landfall is a distribution of components for the L4 Runtime Environment (L4Re) providing device support and examples for peripherals and hardware features of various computing devices, initially supporting the Ben NanoNote and Letux 400 notebook computers, with additional support directed at the MIPS Creator CI20.

It builds on work done to make L4Re available on these platforms, itself building on work by others to port L4Re and Fiasco.OC to the MIPS architecture.

The Ben NanoNote and Letux 400 showing the keypad demonstration example

Copyright and Licence

The Landfall distribution is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. However, a small amount of incorporated code with origins in L4Re has a "version 2 only" licence which may affect redistributions of systems based on this work, preventing recipients from applying the provisions of later GPL versions.