L4Re/Fiasco.OC Patches

Archive: L4Re-Fiasco.OC-patches.tar.bz2


These patches complete basic support in the L4 Runtime Environment and Fiasco.OC microkernel for the MIPS Creator CI20, also introducing additional support for various peripherals in the Ingenic JZ4780 system-on-a-chip used in the CI20. Tentative support is also present for the Ben NanoNote, although this is untested. Additional fixes and adjustments are present for compilation using GCC on Debian platforms.


From the README.txt file provided:

ci20-examples.diffExamples demonstrating CI20 peripherals
ci20-gcc-cpload.diffFix to allow GCC-generated code to work
ci20-gcc-debian.diffDebian GCC cross-compiler prefix usage
ci20-platform.diffAdditional CI20 platform details
ci20-rdhwr.diffFix to provide the rdhrw instruction
ci20-uart0.diffFix for output via UART0 instead of UART4
drivers_frst-register-block.diffL4Re enhancement used by some drivers
ingenic-mips-conf.diffExample and configuration details
ingenic-mips-cpm.diffCPM peripheral drivers for Ingenic SoCs
ingenic-mips-drivers-top.diffMakefile changes enabling drivers
ingenic-mips-gpio.diffGPIO peripheral drivers for Ingenic SoCs
ingenic-mips-i2c.diffI2C peripheral drivers for Ingenic SoCs
no-at.diffFix for Debian i386 architecture building
qi_lb60-fiasco.diffBen NanoNote kernel support (untested)
qi_lb60-lcd.diffBen NanoNote LCD driver support (untested)
qi_lb60-platform.diffBen NanoNote platform support (untested)

Patches made against upstream repository version r75.


Copyright and Licence

These patches are subject to copyright. L4Re and Fiasco.OC are mostly licensed under the GPL version 2. Please see the patched files and the patches themselves for more information about specific licences likely to apply to these patches.