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Package Building for Raspbian Wheezy

A while ago some colleagues were thinking about doing some cross-compiling for the Raspberry Pi. I had previously helped out with some Python 3 porting of the i2c-tools packages to help create a python3-smbus package and had used qemu-debootstrap to set up a chroot to do the work in. However, this time I knew I was going to be building multiple packages and wanted to use pbuilder to do it as cleanly as possible.

I wrote a document to describe what I did to set up this kind of build environment - basically, a chroot for pbuilder that uses qemu when necessary to create cross-compiled binaries - but the article is also an exploration of the issue of trust in the context of distributed development projects. At some point, when obtaining software you want to run, you have to decide who you can trust and how much you trust them, especially if you will be using that software to create software for people who trust you.

Category: Free Software

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Published: 2015-11-21 00:00:00 UTC
Last updated: 2016-10-14 11:14:08 UTC

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