Manual Regression Tests for Serpentine Programs

This directory contains regression tests written in the Serpentine language that need to be run and verified on a device with the Dalvik virtual machine. They also function as simple regression tests for any API or compiler breakage since changes to either of these may cause compilation to fail completely.

To compile the tests, invoke the script, making sure that the Compiler package directory is in the PYTHONPATH. For example, from the root of the distribution type the following, remembering to substitute your own key and certificate files for the placeholders used:

PYTHONPATH=. Tests/Serpentine/ <key.pem> <cert.pem> /tmp/packages

Tests can also be built individually. For example:

PYTHONPATH=. Tests/Serpentine/ Tests/Serpentine/ /tmp/output \
             <key.pem> <cert.pem> /tmp/Maps.apk

When run, some of these tests will indicate success or failure. Others need to have their output checked against their source code.